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Implement Light Kit
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Made In The USA

Agricultural Implement
Light Kits

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Model KR-25 Kit
one vehicle hookup
Retail Price: $150.00
shipping /handling $9.50

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Kits contain:

Main Harness (25ft Length)
Rear Harness(10ft Max. Length)
2-4 1/4" Amber Double Face Pedestal Lamps
2-4 1/4" Red Single Face Pedestal Lamps
7-pin Cable Plug
Stor-A-Way Plug Holder
Set of Hardware(Mounting Brackets, Cable Ties, bolts, etc.)

Meets or Exceeds American Society of Agricultural Standards

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  • Permanent  Mount.

  • Waterproof Main Harness in Blue or Black Color.

  • 2-4 1/4" Amber-Flashing / Turn Lamps

  • 2-4 1/4" Red Taillight Lamps with Mounting Brackets.

  • Works with your existing  7-pin tractor's lighting system.

  • Kit available with a rear plug to hookup a second wagon or implement.

  • All connections are weather-sealed by simple plug in terminals.

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Model KR-25D Kit
includes second vehicle hookup
Retail Price: $160.00
shipping /handling $8.50

  • Kits available for  planters, drills, tillage and other towed equipment
    email or call for more information.

Please Note-by all State and Federal laws, an implement light kit
does not replace the SMV (Slow-Moving Vehicle) Identification Emblem.
All self-propelled & towed agricultural vehicles must have SMV Emblems.

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