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PMI Oil Caddy


    Using the PMI Oil Caddy is easy and convenient. Just remove the pressure cap to open the tank place the splash screen and roll the unit into place beneath the vehicle to be drained. The Caddy holds up to 12 gallons of waste oil making it ideal for trucks, tractors and other large vehicles as well as autos.

    To empty the Caddy, just roll up a waste oil holding tank or barrel. Screw on the pressure cap and connect your air supply. Open the discharge valve to literally blow the oil into the waste receptacle. In just a few moments your Caddy is empty and ready to be used again. Close the discharge valve and remove the air supply and the pressure cap. The entire operation is quick, easy and clean.

PRICE: $549.00

Oil Caddy with Splash Guard
Oil Caddy Details

    Included in the package is the Oil Caddy with pressure cap, 8 feet of reinforced discharge hose, discharge valve, casters, and splash screen.

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