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Made In The USA

(Pictured above is model sm 2448-3)

Sturdy construction
  • legs are made of 1/-1/4 inch, 14 Ga. square steel tubing.
  • Adjustable Shelving brackets are mad 14 Ga. sheet steel.
  • All hardware and instrucions are supplied.
  • Painted gray with an oil enamel.
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  • Available in 24 & 30 inch shelf depths.

  • Basic shelf unit can be made up to 8 Ft.long, using your dimensional 2x4 lumber and 1/2 inch plywood.

  • Shelf unit can be expanded in lenght if there is a need for more storage.

  • Shelf height is adjustable to handle small, large & bulky items.

  • USA Patent #5048429

Shelf-Mate shelving brackets allow the user to design and build lenght shelving that best fists their needs, plus shelf heights are easily adjusted and lock in place with set screws.

Shelf-Mate basic units can be made any lenght up to a maximum of 8 Ft. long or longer by adding a center shelf leg set.

Shelf-Mate provides all the benefits of heavy steel shelving wile includeing the economy and versatility of wood.

Each shelf at a lenght of 8 Ft long 700LBS
Combined load - all shelves between leg set 700LBS

Basic Units                    
Model Shelf Depth Unit Height #Shelves Weight Price
SM2448-3 24 Inches 48 Inches 3 59 LBS $115.95
SM2472-4 24 Inches 72 Inches 4 75 LBS $129.95
SM2496-5 24 Inches 96 Inches 5 102 LBS $159.95
SM3072-4 24 Inches 72 Inches 4 80 LBS $135.95

Model Weight Price
SMCLS2448-3 24 Inch x 3 Shelf Center Leg Set 35 LBS $ 75.50
SMCLS2473-4 24 Inch x 4 Shelf Center Leg Set 45 LBS $ 85.50
SMCLS2496-5 24 Inch x 5 Shelf Center Leg Set 55 LBS $ 95.50
SMCLS3072-4 30 Inch x 4 Shelf Center Leg Set 50 LBS $ 85.50

Wood support beams and shelving deck materials are not included.

Shelf-Mate shelving brackets are boxed and can be shipped by FedEX or UPS Ground.

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